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fees calculator

Legal Fee - Sale & Purchase Agreement/ Loan Agreement

Legal Fee Calculator

Legal Fee Calculation Formula

For the first RM500,0001.25% (subject to minimum of RM500)
For the next RM7,000,0001.0%
Exceeding RM7,500,000Subject to negotiation on excess (shall not exceed 1% of such excess)
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Stamp Duty - Sale & Purchase/ Transfer

Stamp Duty Calculator


First RM100,0001%
Next RM400,0002%
Next RM500,0003%
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Stamp Duty - Loan

Stamp Duty Calculator

Stamp Duty Loan Calculation Formula

Loan Sum x 0.5%
Note: Please note that the above formula merely provides estimated stamp duty.
The actual stamp duty will be rounded up according to the Stamp Act.

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Home Loan

Home Loan Calculator
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The firm was compassionate, patient, helpful, and transparent throughout the whole process.
Ms Ong
Shah Alam
I am writing to express my gratitude and appreciation for your handling of a difficult case that caused me tremendous stress.
Lucas Loh
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